Palo verde National park

Palo Verde National park is a wildlife refuge located between the Tempisque and Bebedero rivers. The park is the largest wetland area in Costa Rica! It is here that you will see pristine saltwater and freshwater lagoons, marshes, mangroves and grasslands. This park is known for its biodiversity, and has the highest concentration of wading birds in Central America. Over 270 species of birds have been observed there, and each year thousands of migratory birds nest there due to its ideal conditions.

Let our boat take you on an unforgettable floating safari! During the tour we will cruise up and down river to admire the natural beauty of the wetland ecosystem. Tourists will have the opportunity to gaze upon: gigantic crocodiles sunning themselves on the bank, prehistoric iguanas climbing tree trunks, birds wading in the riverbanks, moneys traveling through the canopy, and tiny lizards darting through the underbrush

Start time: 7: 00am                   Duration: 6 or 7 hours         Price: $95 per person           Minimum: 4 people

What to bring: Camera, Sun Block, Binoculars, and hat                       Included: Transportation, Snack, Drinks, and Lunch.








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