Mangrove Kayak Tour

Create Amazing Memories Out on a Mangrove Kayak Tour

See the beauty of the mangroves up close on a kayak tour! Join us as we explore mangrove habitats and observe the amazing animals that call this unique ecosystem home. Escape into nature and experience nature at its best with our exciting mangrove kayak tour!
mangrove kayak tour


Start Time: 3 hours before high tide

Meeting Point: You can head directly to the meeting point, or request pickup.

Activities: This tour takes place in shallow waters where numerous kinds of animals can be seen, such as different species of birds, reptiles, and monkeys.

The vegetation on this trip is also very beautiful with many kinds of native mangrove trees and other plants.

This trip does not require any experience. The only requirement for this tour is to be a nature lover and to have an adventurous spirit.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Best season: During summer


What Is Included


Professional guide




Life Jacket


Water & Snacks

Prepare for an Unforgettable Adventure

What to bring:


Bug Repellant



T-shirt & Shorts

Meet Some Satisfied Clients

“Highly recommend this tour for anyone -families, young, old. Its a wonderful way to experience a unique ecosystem that one rarely gets the chance to see, especially in a trocial environment like Costa Rica. We passed through beautiful flora and fauna and all kinds of bird, money, etc. The highlight was when we pulled our boats up on the beach at the mouth of the river and our lovely guide pulled together a snack of fruit and drinks.”

From TripAdvisor

“We had a wonderful morning with Alfredo, our guide, and another couple from Minnesota doing the Mangrove Kayak Tour.

Alfredo is very knowledgable and friendly guide. Loved we were in a small group and we’re able to hear him easily because he was always in close proximity. The river is peaceful and calm in February and this trip would be enjoyable for even first-time kayakers. It was Pura Vida.

“Buy the ticket, take the ride!” – Hunter S. Thompson

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