Palo Verde National Park

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Palo Verde National Park

The largest wetland area in Costa Rica, located strategically between the Tempisque and Bebedero rivers. This wildlife refuge is not just a park; it’s a haven for biodiversity, boasting Central America’s highest concentration of wading birds.

Embark on a journey through Palo Verde’s diverse landscapes, which include saltwater and freshwater lagoons, marshes, mangroves, and grasslands. Renowned for its ecological diversity, the park is a vital habitat for over 270 species of birds, making it a critical stop for thousands of migratory birds seeking ideal nesting conditions.

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Start Time: 7 AM
Approximately 6-7 hours
Meeting Point:
Complimentary pickup service included

Tour Highlights:
During our guided river cruise, you’ll witness the raw beauty of Palo Verde. Keep your cameras ready for:

  • Gigantic crocodiles basking on the banks
  • Prehistoric iguanas navigating tree trunks
  • Diverse bird species along the riverbanks
  • Monkeys swinging through the canopy
  • Agile lizards moving through the underbrush

$140/person – min. 4 pax

palo verde national park

What Is Included








A hearty Lunch to fuel your exploration

Prepare for an Unforgettable Adventure

What to bring:

Camera to capture stunning wildlife

Sunblock for protection

Binoculars for bird watching

Hat to shade yourself

Meet Some Satisfied Clients

“Alfredo’s extensive knowledge about the area and the wildlife was an added bonus! The experience was even better because Alfredo was able to share so much knowledge and information with us about the local animals. We had a really great time and would love to go again. Thanks Alfredo!”

John P.

Embark on an immersive tour of Palo Verde National Park Costa Rica.